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Welcome to the Cook Pigs website!  We are a farm-to-table operation, with a focus on Heritage pigs, including Red Wattles, GOS, Large Blacks, Berkshires, Durocs, Tamworth, Mulefoot, and crosses of these beautiful breeds.  We also raise KuneKune pigs.  Our ranch is located in Julian, California, in the Cleveland National Forest, about 1 hour east of San Diego.
We are not a large commercial farming/ranching businesses.  Our goal is to maintain a small and boutique ranching operation which allows our pigs to free-range and grow slowly in a beautiful and humane environment.  Our pigs feed freely on grass, roots, natural herbs, acorns and nuts.  No hormones or non-natural supplements are used to speed-up the growth process.
The ranch operation is completely sustainable, and provides a beautiful and humane environment for the pigs.  We use all local vendors!  Our ranch is located in beautiful Julian, CA, which is an historic gold mining town. All of our pigs live in large outdoor pens, and we have comfortable shelters and barns for colder weather, as well as for maternity wards.  We experience all four seasons at Cook Pigs Ranch, and the ranch is situated at approximately 4,200 feet elevation.  The combination of the local environment and our feed program produce a high quality product very similar tothe famous Iberian Pork in Spain and Portugal.
The result is the best-tasting pork available, well-marbled and healthy! We can provide you with pork prepared to your specifications, including whole-hogs, primal cuts, and individual cuts of pork.