Holiday Table

Holiday Table | Cook Pigs RanchThe holiday season has arrived, and Cook Pigs Ranch wants to have a place at your holiday table! We have compiled a list of our favorite holiday recipes for you to prepare using our delicious Cook Pigs Ranch heritage pork products. Please see our website or Pinterest page for more delicious recipes to use with ... [Read more...]

Spooktacular Halloween Pork Recipes!

Halloween-Pork-Recipes-Cook-Pigs-RanchPhoto courtesy of Taste of Home Hello Ghosts and Ghouls! As we all know, Halloween is normally the time for sweet treats. This year, why not put a scary and savory twist on things? We have found some frightfully good ground pork dishes on the web that will be monster hits in your home this Halloween. We ... [Read more...]

Heritage Hams

Cook-Pigs-Ranch-Heritage-Hams-Cook-Pigs-RanchCook Pigs Ranch is proud to offer heritage hams just in time for the holidays! Our heritage hams are handcrafted from pasture-raised heritage pigs, which are world-renowned for their delicious and flavorful meat. Cook Pigs Ranch heritage hams are bone-in with creamy fat marbled throughout, which makes a naturally moist and flavorful ham. Cook Pigs ... [Read more...]

Pork Stew Meat Recipe: Lynda’s Hearty Pork Stew

Lynda’s-Hearty-Pork-Stew-Cook-Pigs-RanchPork stew meat is not just comfort food during cold weather months but can (and should) be enjoyed anytime of year. Not only is it delicious in stews, but it is also delicious year-round in soups that are full of fresh seasonal vegetables. At Cook Pigs Ranch, we also enjoy our heritage pork stew meat made into ... [Read more...]

CHEF’S CORNER: Chef Karrie Hills

Chef Karrie Hills 1Chef Karrie Hills is an original. She is also authentic, gifted, and gets her passionate inspiration from the farm and the farmer. This is what started a fruitful, important, and thriving relationship with Cook Pigs Ranch and their high quality pork. Cooking since she was a little girl and professionally since she was 15, ... [Read more...]

Beer Bratwurst with Caramelized Onions and Oktoberfest

Beer-Bratwurst-with-Caramelized-Onions-Cook-Pigs-RanchIt is hard to believe, but fall festival season is here. With it comes the arrival of weekends jam-packed with festivals that celebrate everything from beer to bratwurst as well as Oktoberfest, which celebrates both. Therefore, in honor of Oktoberfest, we have listed a few fun facts about the most famous festival in the world. In addition, we ... [Read more...]

Easy Pork Chili Recipe

Easy-Pork-Chili-Recipe-Cook-Pigs-RanchIt’s that time of year again. While many people refer to this time of year as Fall or Autumn, we call it “chili season” at Cook Pigs Ranch. As soon as the leaves begin to change and there is a  slight nip in the air, we start cooking chili. Our Easy Pork Chili Recipe is, ... [Read more...]

Rendering Lard in a Crock Pot

rendering-lard-cook-pigs-ranchLard is back! After being vilified for decades, lard is finally making a comeback. What people are learning about lard is the same thing that your grandparents and great-grandparents knew: lard is an amazing fat to use in cooking and baking. However, if you have been too intimidated at the thought of rendering lard, ... [Read more...]

Grilling and Barbecuing: What Is the Difference?

The-Difference-Between-Grilling-and-Barbecuing-Cook-Pigs-RanchMany people use the terms “grilling” and “barbecuing” interchangeably. However, as any outdoor chef can tell you, both cooking techniques are actually quite different from each other. In addition, there are specific cuts of meat better suited for grilling and other cuts that are better suited for barbecuing. So, what is the difference between ... [Read more...]

Top 10 Pork Butt Tips!

Pork Butt Roast 1Despite its name, pork butt does not in fact come from the pig’s rump, behind, or bottom. Pork butt comes from the upper part of the shoulder and may contain the blade bone. Pork butt, also known as “Boston butt”, technically comes from the thicker section of the shoulder. The Boston butt is the ... [Read more...]